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产品简介 Product features
☆ 药水槽部分超声波频率:28KHZ,清水槽部分超声波频率:40KHZ
☆ 槽体及水箱采用圆角设计,减少藏污纳垢。
☆ 槽体和水箱全部保温棉敷贴,水箱采用双层结构,保温棉外侧采用不锈钢封板
☆ 药水槽采用上压风,下抽风
☆ 药水槽与清水槽之间采用浸没溢流装置,将镜片篮上附带过来的清洗剂完全去除,有效防止带入清水工位,使合格率大大提高.
☆ 清洗机前面上部采用不锈钢双开玻璃窗,下面及后面采用白色塑钢门窗
☆ 触摸屏采用悬臂式,可方便移动和操作
☆ 设备机架外框采用不锈钢
☆ 烘干输送采用整体提升横移,减少摩擦

☆ The ultrasonic frequency of the medicine sink part: 28KHZ, the ultrasonic frequency of the clear sink part: 40KHZ
☆ Tanks and tanks are rounded to reduce filth.
☆ All the tanks and tanks are covered with insulation cotton. The water tank adopts a double-layer structure. The outer side of the insulation cotton is sealed with stainless steel.
☆ The medicine tank adopts the upper pressure and the lower
☆ The immersion overflow device is used between the medicine sink and the clear water tank to completely remove the cleaning agent attached to the lens basket, effectively preventing the cleaning agent from being brought into the clean water station and greatly improving the qualification rate.
☆ The front of the washing machine is made of stainless steel double-glazed windows and the bottom and rear are made of white plastic steel doors and windows.
☆ Touch screen is cantilevered for easy movement and operation
☆ Equipment frame is made of stainless steel
☆ Dry conveyor adopts overall lifting traverse to reduce friction
工艺流程 Process
Feeding - Washing of medicines - Washing with RO water - Washing with DI water - Cutting water - Drying - Hardening - Precuring
技术参数 Technical parameters

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